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Additional services

While performing the duties of the real property manager, we do not neglect important elements of service prescribed by law and related to the real property, including, but not limited to, the performance of:

Inspections of technical condition

Inspections of buildings and measurements of gas, electric and ventilation systems in accordance with the Construction Law Act (the Construction Law Act of 7 July 1994, Article 62.1, Section 1)

Technical opinions and expertise

The service consists in preparing technical opinions and expert opinions on solving problems with improperly functioning elements of the infrastructure of facilities.

Energy performance certificates

According to the Construction Law Act, Article 5, paragraph 3, for each building put into use and building subject to sale or lease, its energy performance should be determined in the form of an energy performance certificate.

Investor supervision

The service consists in professional assessment of technical phenomena and independent solving of technical and organizational problems on behalf of the Investor in connection with the performance of construction works.

Rental management

Currently, we are the first company in Poland to manage lease for investment funds (our clients are Grifin (PL) and Catella (Germany) funds).


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