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Cleaning service

A proof of a well-functioning real property are the order and the tidiness of all internal rooms and external area. It guarantees undisturbed business conditions and translates into positive perception and prestige of the real property.

Our special offer of cleaning services is addressed to the most demanding customers and real properties, which are residential and office buildings of "A" class. Magnus Facility Management specializes in the provision of cleaning services of

Magnus Facility Management specjalizuje się w świadczeniu usług utrzymania czystości:

  • common parts
  • lobbies
  • garage spaces,
  • external area
  • office space
  • special areas (swimming pools, saunas, squash courts, gyms, wine cellars, aquariums).

Our employees use professional equipment and certified environmentally friendly agents, and the developed system of service quality supervision guarantees their proper implementation.


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