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Real Property Management

We operate in residential real property serving the most exclusive buildings located in unique locations in Warsaw, including homeowner associations and housing cooperatives, such as:

  • “The Homeowner Association Złota 44” in Warsaw
  • “Residence Foksal” at Kopernika street 5 in Warsaw
  • ”Building and Housing Cooperative Juvenes”. Panieńska street 9 and 11
  • ”Residence Symfonia” Okrzei street 23 in Warsaw
  • “House on Dolna” in Warsaw
  • ”Building and Housing Cooperative Juvenes”, Jerozolimskie avenue 133, Warsaw
  • ”Homeowner Association Koneser-Wytwórnia”, Markowska street 22 in Warsaw
  • ”Homeowner Association Koneser-Mennica”, Markowska street 20 in Warsaw
  • ”Residence Maltańska” Jazgarzewska street 17 in Warsaw

We manage a complex of buildings located in the former Warsaw Vodka Factory "Koneser".

The revitalization and management of this large area (a plot of land of about 5 hectares) is a challenge not only for designers and investors, but also for our managers, who operate in historic buildings and participate in the investment process from the very beginning.

We also have experience in servicing buildings used for cultural and artistic activities, as well as real property of historical value, which are entered into the register of monuments. Among these real properties, the following are exceptional: Centrum Praskie Koneser and WARSAWY Theatre (formerly the Wars Cinema).

In managing this type of real property, we use the services of licensed managers and experienced administrators.


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